II German-Russian youth forum
"Capital Talks"
German-Russian youth forum "Capital Talks" is a permanent platform for dialogue of young leaders from Germany and Russia, who reached the age between 18 and 26. This platform provides important opportunities for youth cooperation in international politics, economics, media and humanitarian law, including the issues of security, trading, agriculture and technologies.

The international forum format of "Capital Talks" facilitates with exchange youth ideas and thoughts, perceptions of mutual German-Russian issues and crisis in relations between the EU-Russia. Therefore the real proposal for developing German-Russian relations will be presented to police makers of participant's home countries.
The first youth forum "Capital Talks" was held in Moscow in July 2017 and was organized with huge support of Ministries of foreign affairs of Germany and Russia, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Research University "Higher School of Economics" and RUDN University.
The forum has deserved a special attention after the speech of German ex-minister of foreign affairs Sigmar Gabriel who emphasized an importance of youth dialogue between Germany and Russia and mentioned organizers of
Capital Talks.
This year Capital Talks forum will be held in Berlin, Germany and will actualize perception aspects of Russia in the European countries. Great attention will be paid to cooperation between the two countries and the general problems in the political, economic, socio-cultural and media aspects of bilateral relations.

Forum participants will be provided with various formats for discussions: lectures, seminars, panels and informal dialogues, cultural events. The unique features of the forum will include a development of common communiqué, which will subsequently be submitted to the Foreign Ministries of Germany and Russia.
Moreover, II German-Russian youth forum "Capital Talks" will be remembered by one more unique aspect - quantity of participants will be increased up to 40. 30 participants will be selected ordinary and up to 10 people will become
«Visiting Participants».

Visiting Participant is a new format for participation proposing a simplified selection of participants, but with the consent of potential participants to cover own travel, accommodation and food expenses.

The event will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, the Embassy of the Russian Federation, the Bundestag, the Office of the Chancellor of Germany and on the sites of commercial and non-profit organizations and foundations.

Eligibility criteria
Eligibility charateristic
For ordinary participants
For Visiting Participants
Any payments accepted by the Academic Mobility Center and / or DRJUG e.V. are not a profit of any of the organizations. All the funds received will be spent to organize the forum's events, to pay fees to experts and cover their expenses (if required). Both, the Academic Mobility Center and DRJUG e.V. carry out a clean financial activities and attract funds for which it reports to the federal bodies of supervision over the activities of organizations.
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